Madelyn Smoak

Artist Statement

My work encompasses all things metal to some extent--jewelry, crowns, and wall icons.  While I enjoy working with brass, copper and sterling silver, my greatest joy and challenge comes from working with found objects.   Door escutcheons, drawer handles, metal tags and odds and ends get ideas going in my head.  I particularly like working with totally unexpected items like straight razors and defunct pocket knives. 
 In 2014 I received an Emerging Artist Grant from the Durham Art Guild to go mudlarking on the River Thames in England.  This meant going down to the foreshore when the tide was out and gathering found objects.  Mostly I found china shards and clay pipe stems dating from the 1500's to the 1900's.  These will soon form the basis of a new body of work.  I followed that trip up with a visit to Paris to gather metal items and other found objects from the flea markets there.  These items too are soon to be included in new work. 2015 looks like a very exciting year with so many new objects to fire my imagination.