Artist Statement



Lucartha Kohler moved from Philadelphia several years ago and now lives in Durham, North Carolina. She has been working with glass since 1973 and has lectured, taught and frequently exhibited her work in the US and abroad.  In addition to numerous grants, fellowships and awards, Kohler has published two books, Glass a Medium for Artists, and Women Working in Glass and is working on a third book Beads and their Makers.


For most of my life I have been an artist and as an artist I was fascinated with light.  As an adult I saw how glass as a material could work with light to make my art.  Glass, unlike any other material illustrates the myriad qualities of light and metaphorically serves as a spiritual symbol.  It seemed fitting to me to make work from glass because when light interacts with a solid frosted glass object, the object glows, seeming to contain an inner light.  This inner light idea has always had a symbolic spiritual connection.

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