Artist Statement

Storytelling connects us to one another and explains who we are.  In an age in which the individual is often alienated, my work attempts to cut through the isolation by presenting common threads of the human experience.  Early in my career, a fine arts degree in theater refined my understanding of imagery and taught me to use gestures as powerful expressive tools.  However, it is through figurative ceramics that I am able to fully realize my narrative impulse. 

While each piece is instantly approachable, closer inspection reveals a world in which the story and inner psyche of the character slowly emerges.  The ultimate goal of my work is to create honest depictions of the human quest toward self-revelation and a contemporary identity.  Just as we look to our past as a springboard toward a personal vision of the future, I combine found objects and discarded elements from the past with my ceramic work.  The mixed media not only creates an intriguing dialogue of materials but also informs the viewer of the scope of the figure’s journey within each narrative.

All figures are hand-built porcelain stoneware without the use of molds.  A straight pin is the primary tool I use to work on the detail in the face, hands and feet.  Each ceramic piece is then finished with at least 10-15 layers of underglazes, stains, and slips to achieve a depth of color.   After it is fired, I construct and assemble the mixed media elements which may include welding, carpentry, encaustic, felting, sewing and fabric staining.