Jan Butta

Art for me is a highly personal experience and expression. I am process oriented and work intuitively and organically as much as possible; trying "not to think" with my left brain, only "feel" and work with my right brain. Color, and movement, and texture are elements often found in my work; characteristics I am drawn to in art that inspires me, in what I notice in the world around me.

Layers, and depth, as well as a certain complexity, seem to be evident in many of my finished paintings. This seems an apt expression of my inner life and personality; one of the many mysteries of artistic expression that fascinate me.

All art is, at its base, a form of communication. It is also an historical documentation; either of its time, its place, its culture, or simply its maker. Communication and language are related, as are they and expression. Resonating with certain works of art, is like "speaking the same language". I am informed in my work by all of the life experiences I have had, places I have lived, people I have known, the nature I love, and pick up and save, the fabric I collect, pieces of paper, and small objects I notice, pick-up and save. Also my style and painting is inspired I am sure by the many works of art I have studied and loved and seen, all over the world, in classrooms, books... from centuries ago, as well as today. Those artists drew me in, I communed with their work, I was connected to those expressions, in an intangible way.

If my work speaks to you, it pleases me. I like to think we share a connection...maybe "speak the same language"; one that can be uniquely revealed through visual creative expression.