Ellen Kong

My roots as a painter have branched freely into my current interests in ceramics. Thus surface and form have become mutually dependent in my work.  I seek surface designs that rise, dance, and express three-dimensional forms. Painting and sculpture cross-pollinate, yielding synergistic, hybrid forms.

Like the horticulturist, I must devote time to nurture each individual work.  Creating with clay is forever new to me.  It is challenging, and intriguing.  I like to construct cascading ceramic series, in which one work flows into the next. This sculptural stream of consciousness intrigues me as a vehicle to capture ideas and forms.  The incessant pursuit of the ever-expanding boundaries of technique and images nourishes me.  In my work, wind-borne seeds sown long ago germinate and bloom unexpectedly, defying time and space.  In a unique fashion, they emerge and transform into design elements that reflect my own passage.