David Botts

Drawn to the complexities of wood, What was once a living thriving tree, I shape into ideas conceived. Infinitely different grain patterns, textures and aromas. As a tree it lives longer than many human lives. In its new form, many more generations, As a home, a wood floor, or a piece of fine furniture. We give to each other new life.

As a woodworker I feel the energy and life force given to me through the experience of working and coaxing new life into wood as it takes another form. A very visual person, I take snapshots in my mind of patterns, shapes and color from everyday life and replay variations of them into patterns within the wood I work with. This can come from many sources; the intrigue from the interplay of light and shadow under the canopy of a moonlit forest moved by a cool summer breeze, the glow and movement of a wood fire light. Within the visual world around us are a wealth of ideas waiting to be born into another art form.

These are the shapes, patterns, and movements that I try to create or reveal in my works. In a lamp, a table, or interior design, I try to bring harmony to contrasting colors, to a particular wood’s light and dark, sometimes using the interplay between the solid color of barely discernible grain with the busy movement and pattern of lively wood grain. As day and night are two completely different experiences, each is also surrounded by the other, keeping each separate yet forever linked together. Repeating what I find in nature, I work to give movement within each form, to convey a living, breathing life force, to give new life to what once was a tree.