Featured Artists

Catherine Gregory
Marguerite Jay Gignoux
Linda Prager

June 6 – July 8, 2017


FRANK Gallery presents a very special selection of artists this June: Catherine Gregory, Marguerite Jay Gignoux, and Linda Prager. Working in mixed media, fiber, and ceramics (respectively). Their work comes together across mediums through shared textures, colors, and forms that often arise from experimentation and are inspired by the world around them. We are exceptionally pleased to be welcoming Catherine Gregory to FRANK, for the first time, from Burgundy, France for two very special back-to-back evenings in June.

On Thursday, June 8th we welcome friends, fans, and guests of Gregory, Gignoux, and Prager for an exclusive artist talk and exhibition preview. This casual evening will be an opportunity to hear from each of the artists, ask questions, and get a first look at their latest works. This will be followed on June 9th with our 2nd Friday Artwalk opening reception and celebration. Both events begin at 6PM, are free, and open to the public.

Gregory, the C spices.jpg

Catherine Gregory’s paintings are a place where her my experiences, influences and passions become visually translated. Line and drawing have always played a central role in her creative practice. The spontaneous and descriptive qualities of this expression guide the work as it progresses. Paintings evolve through applying energetic lines, drawn out forms and natural tones interspersed with translucent papers, hand printed tissue and collage. Layer upon layer the pieces are printed, collaged, drawn over and repainted in search of the unexpected and the beautiful; the point where a resonance occurs between the abstract qualities and the image portrayed.

lp2 copy.jpg

From the first moment Linda Prager saw a piece of pottery being thrown on a wheel she knew she needed to touch clay. While initially drawn to the wheel, she quickly became focused on hand building to create pieces that are functional as well as sculptural. The pieces she makes are both architectural and organic in form, expression, and design. Often described as graphic, contoured, vibrant, tactile, and evocative, Prager’s work is approachable – open to the viewer to investigate, explore, and use. These clay expressions cry out to be touched, held, and explored - to be admired for what they essentially are - no boasting or posturing, just simply themselves.

Sky, stone and water have offered Marguerite Jay Gignoux opportunities to consider episodes of radiance and translucency in her yearly visits to Val de Loire, France. She tries to find expression with paper, thread, silk and ink to communicate the exuberance of summer. These are the dividends of long walks on ancient paths. Gignoux states, “I use the stitch as my primary drawing tool.  I use fabric and paper as surfaces on which I can land ideas. Dye, ink, words, and thread are my constant companions.”