Kiki Farish
Jean LeCluyse
Aggie Zed

Drawing is often seen as the preparation for a masterpiece – the precursor to a painting or formulation for a sculpture. However, the artists presented at FRANK Gallery in November and December are “drawn together” through the skill, beauty and mystery of their mixed media drawings and ceramics. Drawn Together features KiKi Farish and Jean LeCluyse, two highly skilled artists who elevate the art of drawing to create mesmerizing compositions full of intricate details and symbolism. Joined by mixed media ceramicist Aggie Zed, who creates fantastical creatures through the use of three dimensional lines and clay sculptures.

Kiki Farish composes worlds that express how close extremes can be. They are often largely beautiful, while slightly chaotic. She states “Words may appear, but are muffled by marks. Flowers, rendered with great tenderness, are often past their prime. Nothing in these worlds seems rooted or solid; they’re fleeting, uncertain, shifting.” Her work intends to draw the viewer in, capture their attention, and insist on more than a glance. Farish is known for her pencil paintings which are emotive, conjuring moments of clarity amid the ambiguity of grays.

Aggie Zed divides her working life between sculpture, drawings, and painting. Zed’s two-dimensional work is informed by a lifelong celebration of the beauty and strangeness of dreamed posed against the absurdity and poignancy of supposedly rational human activity. Her sculpture ranges from intimately scaled ceramic figures of people and human-animal hybrids, to mixed metal contrivances she calls “scrap floats.”

Jean LeCluyse sees her drawings as richly detailed windows into a ‘secret’ narratives. The most successful images are ones that many people can relate to and be reminded of some story in their own lives. LeCluyse’s background in scientific illustration takes over when working on a graphite drawing, however the mixed media pieces require constant decision making and moment to moment engagement. This exhibition will include a combination

Jean LeCluyse and Kiki Farish will be discussing their work during a special artist talk on the evening of November 16 at 6:00pm. This is an opportunity to learn how the artists create their complex and detailed works.

Presented in the Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery


December 5 - DECEMBER 22, 2017



The Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery presents GrapheinGraphein is a group exhibition created by the ARTS 305 class at UNC which will be hosted by FRANK Gallery from December 5th – 22nd, 2017.  ARTS 305 is a Darkroom Photography course taught by Assistant Teaching Professor Gesche Würfel at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

The Greek word “Graphein” means to “write with light”, which is the essence of photography. The exhibition will demonstrate the abilities of ten student photographers to write with light.

Please join us for our opening reception on December 8, 2017, 6pm – 9pm to engage with the photographers. Light refreshments will be provided.

This project was supported by the Beatrice B. Pearman Undergraduate Research Fund
 in Art–Department of Art and Art History, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill