September 6 - October 9, 2016



Paintings, Photographs, Friendship


The uncertain boundary that separates writers and artists gains a special emphasis in Paintings, Photographs, Friendship - an exciting new show coming to FRANK Gallery this September. This very special, month long exhibition features the painting and photography of two good friends who are each in their own way, blurring the boundary of writer and artist - Clyde Edgerton and John Rosenthal.

Clyde Edgerton

Clyde Edgerton

Paintings, Photographs, Friendship represents the playful tension between friendship and art. “I met Clyde,” Rosenthal said, “on the day that Raney was published, over thirty years ago. Since then I’ve read everything he’s written. He’s a sly funny writer who is unafraid of darkness. If you’re an artist yourself, he’s a good friend to have. Always out there making something good happen—books, music, songs, paintings. We need to be inspired by our friends.”

JOhn Rosenthal

JOhn Rosenthal

FRANK will be presenting John Rosenthal’s “Museum Studies” series and Clyde Edgerton’s paintings—including renderings of his favorite Rosenthal photographs. The two will also host a very special evening at FRANK on October 6th, with a presentation of stories, artwork, and music from a friendship that has crossed more than three decades – with special guest, former Red Clay Rambler, Mike Craver!

Against the Wall and Natural Lines

We are very pleased to present two local favorites this September at FRANK. Abstract painter Katherine Armacost, and modern furniture maker Jim Oleson will present their latest bodies of work in overlapping exhibitions.

Katherine Armacost

Armacost’s Against the Wall will feature a new body of work just for FRANK Gallery. She is an award winning, nationally exhibiting and internationally collected artist who has been exhibiting her work for nearly three decades throughout the US, including solo and group shows in North Carolina, New York, and California. Armacost’s work is inspired by nature and her surroundings, and is rooted in expressing feelings that can’t be put into words. Rarely does she begin with a fixed idea, but allows her brush to have a dialogue with the piece to bring it to life. Her final pieces range in size and are each incredibly stunning, highly textural abstract paintings.

Jim Oleson

Natural Lines exhibition will showcase Oleson’s handcrafted, functional furniture. Oleson has a rich family tradition of woodworking, one that he found to be an outlet for his own creative expression. His woodwork is contemporary and highly influenced by some of the biggest names in the medium, including Michael Fortune and George Nakashima. Oleson describes his work as function meets natural forms, and he handpicks each piece of wood for the project, focusing on its inherent colors and patterns to create a one of a kind piece that speaks to the wood itself. His work ranges from wall mounted mirrors, to tables, cabinets and more.

Presented in the Michael & Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery

Turning the Lens on Learning

Join us for a special reception and talk with Dr. Rae Pica
September 15, 6:00PM at FRANK Gallery

“Over the next decade, the most vibrant innovations in education will take place outside traditional institutions.” --The Future of Education

“Play is at the root of creative thinking.” – Tim Brown, Serious Play TED Talk

The Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery presents Turning the Lens on Learning, an exhibition that visually captures the direct connections between play, creativity and learning. Featuring inspirational photographs by Barbara Tyroler, the exhibit showcases the ongoing work of Kidzu Children’s Museum and encourages viewers to contemplate the ingredients and environments necessary to nurture creativity and innovative thinking for success in the 21st century.