September 5 - october 7, 2017

Opening Reception, september 8, 6-9PM

featured artists

Judith Ernst
Shelly Hehenberger
Luna Lee Ray

FRANK Gallery is excited to present the works of member artists Shelly Hehenberger, Luna Lee Ray, and Judith Ernst. The unique style of these local artists is exhibited through a variety of techniques and mediums including painting, drawing, collaging, and ceramic sculpture.

Systems + Cycles

New solo and collaborative works by Luna Lee Ray and Shelly Hehenberger will be exhibited in their show Systems and Cycles. Both artists address themes of geological and biological systems and cycles, focusing on time, change, mutation, and variation.

Ray’s current work explores these themes as expressed through air, moisture, and light. Informed by the movement of clouds, rain, and storms, she uses multiple layers of acrylic-based mixed media to convey the ever shifting relationships seen and sensed in the air around us.

Also inspired by similar themes, Hehenberger’s current work explores the idea of cocoon or pod form as a symbol for waiting and transformation in the human psyche as well as in the realm of earth cycles. The term waiting tends to have a negative connotation in our culture, but viewed creatively, it can be a time of renewal and even revolution. All things must surrender for transformation to occur, and the energy of that great potential is what Hehenberger hopes to convey through her work.

The two artists have worked collaboratively for years, developing a unique and powerful body of work that stands related but separate from their solo work. This show will include several collaborations, as well as an important feature of a new collaborative piece in process. Viewers may observe the evolution of the piece which will change weekly as the artists trade and add their new touch to the patterning and imagery that the other artist has begun on the piece.

Judith Ernst

Also featured this September is ceramic sculptor Judith Ernst. Ernst has a unique style she’s developed over many years, cutting into the thrown form to create a relief of geometric patterns. All of her cuts and carvings are done with intent to draw the viewer’s eye to the openings in her vessels, what she thinks of as “the ocean inside.” This body of work will be highlighted by five new pieces that all start with the same pattern of simple parallelograms, but with quite differing results, depending on the form of the vessel, how the vessel has been divided, and how the clay is moved in relation to the pattern. It will also be anchored by a piece that incorporates the words from a poem by local poet, Jeffery Beam, words that embody her conceptual approach:

Pause. . .Now Go 3716 for web.jpg

It will also be anchored by a piece that incorporates the words from a poem by local poet, Jeffery Beam, words that embody her conceptual approach:

before you turn around
Pause with me . . .
That's it
The ancient place
The now place
Now go . . .

The poem is repeated 10 times on the vessel, on the diagonal, ending at the top. It invites the viewer to go into that inner space, or to turn around and walk away.