Through February 4, 2017

Opening Reception for January Featured Artists
Friday, January 13, 2017, 6-9PM


Featured Artists

Mary Lamb
Ronan Peterson
Emma Skurnick

FRANK Gallery is ringing in the New Year with an exhibition of featured artists who unite to create a show that deeply explores both the natural and the mystical world. Mary Lamb, Ronan Peterson and Emma Skurnick show off their unique perspectives of the reality around them. Peterson’s ceramics, Lamb’s encaustics, and Skurnick’s paintings play off each other to create an engaging show for those with an interest in a variety of artistic mediums. 

Emma Skurnick uses her paintings and illustrations to emphasize unexpected features of the natural world in order to place the viewer in an unexpected relationship with nature. North Carolina native Ronan Peterson channels the vast differences in seasons and his childhood experiences with comic books to tell a narrative of the natural world. Mary Stone Lamb layers natural beeswax in her encaustic paintings to explore textures and colors. The resulting accretions are both visually and tactilely appealing.


Natural Forces

Julie Brooks
Nerys Levy
Carolyn Rugen

Carolyn RUGEN

Carolyn RUGEN

FRANK’s current featured exhibition looks at the grandness of nature, both in the immense landscapes that surround us, and the microscopic elements that are the building blocks of all things living. Painters Nerys Levy and Carolyn Rugen look to the beauty in their surroundings for inspiration. Levy working on site during her travels, capturing the greenery and enormity of the British countryside. Rugen working locally, painting the serene views from the windows of her home in the heart of Chapel Hill. In addition, jeweler Julie Brooks creates simple graphite drawings on her “sugar coated” enamel surfaces. These drawings highlight DNA structures, viruses, and cells, and the addition of hints of gold and stones highlights these components as precious jewels.

nerys Levy

nerys Levy

Presented in the Michael & Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery

Planting Hope

Special Reception, Sunday, December 11, 2-4PM

Our Michael and Laura Brader-Araje Community Outreach Gallery features original illustrations created for Planting Hope, a picture book project written and illustrated by kids for kids. The story tells the tale of a hard-working girl discovering a golden seed and together bringing unity and prosperity to a neglected garden. The project was developed through two consecutive teaching artist residencies and exemplifies working together. Thirty children, ages 5-12, wrote and illustrated this allegorical story to celebrate the way PORCH has united the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community in its fight against local hunger.