Caroline Vaughan


Photography allowed me to find my original authentic voice. Photography, “writing with light” opened a passage to express my emotions by weaving both male and female narrative voices and energy into my images. This non-verbal medium of images tapped into my deepest thoughts, dreams, and objects and drove me to open up to see what was inside of the people to whom I was magnetically drawn.

I have always been interested in the scars, lines and topography of the human body and face as it ages, and how people’s hands inform us of their unique gestures, a signature in the air. Self-expression of the younger generation fascinates me; piercings and tattoos needled into the flesh of those who need to individualize themselves in a culture that is becoming more diverse.

This journey has found me searching for people who, with my camera as passport, have allowed me into their culture or private lives. I make connections with them if there is one to make. Most of all I need that connection to feel alive: to resonate with another form of energy and find equilibrium between myself and another.