Bill Neville


When I was young, I was small for my age. It was a constant battle figuring out ways to fend off the brutes and bullies. Mother said, "You must simply out smart them; use your head, learn the Fine Arts of deception and trickery." This is my first memory relating to the Fine Arts -- at this point I knew that I must be an Artist. Survival depended on it.

Survival, yea, right. Sixteen years later. I found myself the graduate of a fine University, a bachelor well versed, in the concepts, and aesthetic of deception, and trickery, with a smattering of painting, sculpture, and oh yes the history of it all, ready to survive.

At some point in our lives we must all get real, this I believe is what Mr. Einstein was really addressing with his theory of relativity. I have studied the subjects I truly loved, walked in the Louvre, and the Prado, shed tears in front of Guernica and tried to deal with my realities as they pass through this life.

To make an Artistic Statement is difficult at best. I believe that it was best stated by Thoreau when he wrote, "The highest form of the arts, is to affect the quality of the day." So if the things that we make and show, these things that we attempt to sell, for the sake of survival effect this day, our goals will have been meet. We should all work towards this reality. Survival depends on it.